Wolf Bust Timber Edge Sculpture
Wolf Bust Timber Edge Sculpture
Wolf Bust - Timber
Edge Sculpture

Wolf Bust - Timber

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Edge Sculptures are absolutely stunning designs that have been created by sculptor Matt Buckley here in he UK.

Each model is unique and no two are the same as all of these items have been carefully handmade and finished to a breathtaking standard.

Each sculpt has been originally sculpted from clay, which allows the sculptor to be freer, giving the pieces that dynamic and organic feel, stylised by Edge Sculpture.  The finished clay sculpt 'masters' are then taken to be moulded, and each subsequent piece has been carefully hand cast from this mould using ceramic polystone, which allows for the faithful reproduction of detail and texture applied to the original sculpt.  The finishing touch is the skilful application of hand painting and finishing, which brings the sculpt to life.  The end result is a centre piece and talking point for anyone's living room!

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Dimensions (Approx): Height - 355mm Length - 330mm Depth - 330mm 

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