Stick it to the Man-darin Soap Bomb Cosmetics
Stick It To The Man-darin
Stick It To The Man-darin
Bomb Cosmetics

Stick It To The Man-darin

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Rise up against boring bath times! This citrus rebel is full of Sweet Orange and Mandarin pure essential oils to wash away the mundanities of life!

100g. 100% Handmade, Cruelty Free, Moisturising, Crafted from natural ingredients, Vegan Friendly.

How To Use: Bomb Cosmetics soaps can be used like any normal bar of soap but they are much milder. Simply rub the bar repeatedly between wet hands until you form a lather to clean your skin with. Alternatively, rub the bar on a sponge.

Please note: soap designs may differ slightly from those shown in the picture due to being handmade.


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