Cypress 3 Ball Artificial Tree Green 100cm
Cypress Faux Potted Artificial Topiary Trees
Cypress Faux Potted Artificial Topiary Trees
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Cypress 3 Ball Topiary Tree Green 100cm

Artificial Plant
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Our three cloud pruned Cypress topiary has deep lush green foliage and makes a stylish statement either standalone or as a duo.

Product Care Tips

  • When you get your faux plant home spend some time with it so that it will look its best. 
  • After you have planted your faux plant it may need some re-arranging. The foliage may have become creased during transportation - just smooth them out with your hand and any remaining creases should drop out in a couple of days. 
  • Your Cypress topiary is in a starter pot. This pot is designed to act as a solid base to keep your plant stable. We recommend putting this starter pot into a larger, more decorative pot or directly into the ground.
  • Whilst your faux plant requires very little maintenance, we recommend giving them an occasional dust, and if necessary, a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.

Product Details
Composition: Plastic leaves
UV Protected: Yes
Height: 100cm
Colour: Green
Sub Name: Cupressus

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