How to Beat the Winter Blues with an Aroma Diffuser

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Many people are turning to an aroma oil diffuser especially during the winter season, when the cold weather and dry air from central heating can cause havoc on our skin and airways. So, how can aromatherapy help you to get through the extremely cold winter days and months?
Aroma Diffuser Benefits

At a time when we naturally feel the need to stay indoors more, aroma diffusers can be used to counteract the dry air by diffusing essential oils with water into a fine mist. Diffusing the oils helps to bring out their many positive effects, with the added bonus of creating a wonderful atmosphere in your room.
Marble Aroma Diffusers

Citrus, floral and woody scents are perfect for this time of year. Here's a few of our favourites...

🍃Boost your mood & relieve stress with with sweet orange, myrtle, and ylang ylang essential oil.

🍃Antioxidize with eucalyptus, manuka, lemon, clove, and cinnamon essential oil.

🍃Purify your air with peppermint, eucalyptus, fir, pine or rosemary essential oil.

🍃Heal & unwind with nutmeg, clove, ginger, and black pepper essential oil.

🍃Deodorize your room with lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot essential oil.
Fern Grey Made by Zen Aroma Diffuser

They're so easy to use too, just add a few drops of your chosen essential oils into the water tank inside, switch on and relax as your diffuser creates a fragrant atmosphere that envelops the room.
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